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About Jill Poulos and Jeweled Sky Music

About Jill

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Beneath a Jeweled Sky began five years ago when Jill first brought home her 36 string Bubinga Celtic harp. Playing the pedal harp for years, followed by the 32 string walnut Celtic harp, Jill found the resonant sounds of the Bubinga harp mesmerizing. As melodies began to take shape, musical stories began to interweave themselves into these melodies.

Along Jill’s journey, interactions with other musicians inspired her to create this Celtic collection of original songs, as well as some of her favorite arrangements of traditional Celtic melodies. Jill’s heart and soul is poured into each song as she carefully pulls the life out of each string plucked -- laying a foundation for the listener to walk upon, and giving him or her a firm grasp onto what she is trying to convey: the whimsical and emotional power music possesses.

And so, the little girl who used to curl up in a cozy corner and lose herself in old books full of adventures of far away places and fairy tales of enchanted castles and magical creatures, or perhaps, sit under starry skies, pondering the vast beauty of the universe, and the sheer awe of its Creator, grew up to create music from her heart about real life struggles and adventures. Embraced with a prevailing belief that in the end goodness will prevail, join Jill and take a moment to dream beneath a jeweled sky.

About "Beneath a Jeweled Sky"

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Beneath a Jeweled Sky has been two years in the making. Starting in the fall of 2006, we began seeing an album form that was nothing like our previous endeavors. We have taken meticulous measures to gain sounds that are crisp, tight, and resonating. Jill has written eight original songs, through which the fluid movements along the harp captivate the heart of the listeners. The deep felt songs in Beneath a Jeweled Sky are only a taste of the beauty of a heart and mind completely in tune. The vibrant melodies, and the tranquil lyrics will comfort the listener’s ears while sending him or her through a vast array of emotions.

Jill Poulos’ previous albums are comprised of Tim Novoa playing penny whistle and percussion, Ron Poulos playing mandolin and violin, and Jill playing harp and guitar. Since then, Jill has acquired the magnificent talents of Kellie Crabtree (vocals), Bob Liepman (cello), Scott Wright (penny whistle & vocals), Brynn Albanese (violin), Eric Williams (guitar), David Brewer (uilleann pipes), Steve Duff (keyboards), and Fred Murray (bass) to bring forth the true mastery of Celtic music. Capturing the traditional essence of Celtic music, and molding it with contemporary fluidity, Jill has seamlessly created something of her own.