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The Merry Traveler

Composed by Jill Poulos | With "Dawted Mary" Solo on Wire Harp

The illustration in the album of the happy elf-like figure is from a friend’s pennywhistle book. There was something so merry and jaunty about the chap’s countenance I was inspired to write the tune The Merry Traveler based on this character. I hoped someday to find out who this merry chap was. When my friend suggested I write the pennywhistle musician/author and ask him, I was delighted to find his address from his webisite: Robin Williamson. Robin Williamson, I discovered, is a master storyteller and was able to easily solve this mystery for me. He kindly wrote back to tell me that this was The Man in the Moon. I was thrilled to finally know the identity of this “merry traveler”. Now whenever I play this gypsy flavored tune I enjoy picturing him wandering over the continents delighting all who find themselves in his wake!