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Midnight Ride Through Morocco

The lyrics to songs are often written first and the melody then follows. In this case, the melody came to me first as I sat playing my harp one evening. In the course of refining the music, I began to sense that this was not meant to remain just as an instrumental piece, but I had yet to know what story was meant to be told. During this time, I was reading about the tragic plight of women under severe tyrannical law in The Princess trilogy written by Jean Sasson documenting their suffering. I was deeply moved by the stories of horrendous acts these women have to endure under such oppressive law and the lack of control they have over their own lives. This poetic story of a woman finding solace from her oppressive culture flowed instantly onto the paper as I sat down to write out the concept. The lyrics fit the melody perfectly, ending my quandary of finding the story to be told. My hope is that this poetic picture will encourage all women in every culture to find hope in safe places they discover, despite their circumstances and to express their hearts in freedom.


Music and lyrics by Jill Poulos | Sung by Kellie Crabtree

  • She spurs her steed ‘neath a jeweled sky,
  • The desert sands her passage hide.
  • Entrapped in the wake of the silver moon,
  • A prisoner beneath the veil is she.
  • On and on and on she rides,
  • Fine silks and veils trailing round her sides.
  • Round and round her they ebb and flow,
  • Like banners grim men bear to battle.
  • On her midnight ride through Morocco.