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Midmorning in May

Midmorning in May was a phrase that stuck in my mind after an Irish session at a local pub. Timmy the Brit had come with Yutaka Usui and we had had an Irish set dance in my home the night before, which was magical. I suggested we join some local musicians and the evening ended with only our group left at a single small round table with Timmy singing a lovely and tender Irish air in his tenor voice a cappella. It was a beautiful moment. I don’t remember the song, but later the phrase ‘Midmorning in May’ came to mind and I wondered if perhaps it was from those lyrics. I searched for a song with that phrase but came up empty. The phrase continued to stay with me and when it would come to my mind, it would evoke for me a young couple aglow with happiness standing in a flower strewn meadow pledging their marriage vows to one another. Reflecting upon the idea that they had perhaps had to wait through several rather tenuous seasons for that perfect day, and thinking of the rough seasons in life that love must endure brought about the lyrics for this song.


Music and lyrics by Jill Poulos | Sung by Scott Wright & Kellie Crabtree

  • The wheat has been shorn,
  • The soft Autumn breeze
  • Sways gently trees crimson and gold.
  • Come marry me
  • ‘Neath their fiery canopy
  • ‘Fore Winter turns our love cold.
  • Marry me not under Autumn’s chill
  • Without fragrant blossoms and warbler’s trill
  • Wait love instead for our Wedding Day
  • To be a fine midmorning in May.
  • The Yuletide is past,
  • And ice-laden trees
  • Like sentries stand silent and bare.
  • Come marry me
  • ‘Neath stars cold and bright
  • E’er in Winter’s gloom our love cans’t fare.