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She Moves Through The Fair

This is one of those songs, that when performed, draws both the performers and the listeners into the heart of it, and thus creates a moment for the musicians and the listeners to truly sense its sincere beauty. Perhaps that is why we were given one of those rare moments in the studio when this entire song was captured in one take.


Traditional Song | Sung by Kellie Crabtree

  • My young love said to me
  • My mother won't mind
  • And my father won't slight you
  • For your lack of kind
  • Then she stepped away from me
  • And this she did say
  • "It will not be long love,
  • till our wedding day".
  • She stepped away from me
  • and she moved through the fair
  • and fondly I watched her
  • Moved here and move there
  • Then she made her way homeward
  • with one star awake
  • As the swan in the evening
  • moves over the lake