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Welcome to Jeweled Sky Music

April 9th, 2011

Benefit concert for North County Cuesta College Choir.
at Castoro Cellars

September 3rd

We have our lyrics posted for Beneath a Jeweled Sky. If you would like to read about our songs and review our lyrics, click here.

May 9th Concert | 4.3.09

We have an upcoming concert at the Steynberg Gallery on May 9th, 2009. For more information click here.

March 13th Concert Sold Out! | 3.14.09

Painted Sky Studio concert was sold out a week ahead! Thanks for all your support!

March 13th Concert | 3.14.09

Before the night began, we all sat down and ran through our songs one more time. Here are a few pictures of that event.

Photograph of Jill at her Harp Photograph of Jill at her Harp Photograph of Jill at her Harp Photograph of Jill at her Harp Bob talking instead of playing. :) Photograph of Jill at her Harp

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Time willing, we will be uploading a video of Moonlight and Shadows from our concert. Stay tuned for that.

Media Player Added | 3.3.09

So, the media player came sooner than expected. Now, you can listen to our music while browsing around the site. Just click "Launch the Media Player" in the main navigation on the left, and a pop-up will display the music player. Or you can start the media player by clicking here

On a side note, you must pause the media player if you want to listen to our music in the discography page.

Concert on March 13th | 3.2.09

We have a concert coming up on March 13th, 2009 at Painted Sky Studios. For more information click here.

New Website up | 3.2.09

We have updated our website for a bunch of reasons. Namely, we wanted a place that was more engaging and interesting to people visually. With the change of the backgroud texture, to the overall size of the page, we believe we have opened up the site in a more pleasing way.

Newly added pages are as followed:

  • Concerts - Any information about our concerts can be found here.
  • Media - Media contains all pictures and music.
  • Contact - You can now contact Jeweled Sky Music without leaving the website.

All pages have been updated but the most notable ones are:

  • Booking - You can now submit your booking request within the site.
  • Store - The store now contains selected places you can by a hard copy of our CDs.

Items that are coming soon:

  • Song info for each song on Beneath a Jeweled Sky
  • Photos
  • Press page
  • Pop-out media player so you can listen to our music while searching the site
  • A Facebook and Myspace page